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Official Rules: Football Bankroll Contest

Players should also review the official Terms and Conditions for additional site information.

Picking Games

For Contest purposes, the season is broken down into 5 (five) contests with each one beginning on the Tuesday and ending with the Monday Night Football game. The exception is the Week 1 contest which DOES NOT INCLUDE THE SEASON-OPENING GIANTS VS COWBOYS GAME. That first contest is a one-week contest only. Contest 2 is Weeks 2-5; Contest 3 is Weeks 6-9; Contest 4 is Weeks 10-13; Contest 5 is Weeks 14-17. You must make at least three selections per week.

Weekly Point Spreads will be posted each Tuesday at approximately Noon EST - this may be delayed if odds are not immediately available for some reason (injuries, weather). Picks can be made right up until the kickoff of each game. Don't wait and be too late!

Contest Duration

The Contest will commence at 8:30 PM Eastern Time ("ET") on September 7, 2012 and end at 12:00 am ET on Dec. 30, 2012 (the "Contest Period").

Entry Deadline:

Players can join the contest at any time during the 17-week season. You can start playing half way through the season or right from the start. You are building a bankroll so a late entry can still win the monthly contest prize.

Contest Week Breakdown

To be eligible to win a prize; you must make your selections during the given contest according to the NFL schedule:

NFL WeekDate OpenTimeDate CloseTime
11-Sep-128:30 PM 10-Sep-1210:15 PM
212-Sep-121:00 PM08-Oct-128:30 PM
309-Oct-121:00 PM06-Nov-128:30 PM
407-Nov-121:00 PM04-Dec-128:30 PM
505-Dec-121:00 PM31-Dec-128:30 PM

How the Point Spread Works

This is an against-the-spread or ATS game. The point spread is the handicap, or head start, that is given to the underdog. Rather than just winning outright, the favorite must win by more than the point spread ("cover the spread") in order for the player win.

Here's an example of a possible Point Spread line you will see in the game and how it works:

Colts -4
Cardinals +4

In this example, the Colts are the favorite (-4) and the Cardinals are the underdog (+4). You can select either outcome:

If you select the Colts to cover, you'll win if they win the game by more than four points (i.e., if their score is higher even after you subtract four points from it). If the Colts win, but by less than four points, the game will grade this pick as a loss.

If you select the Cardinals to cover, you'll win if they lose by no more than three points (i.e., if their score is higher after you add four points to it) or if they win outright.

If the point adjustment results in a tie (in this example, if the Colts win by exactly four points), the game will be graded "Push" and your Bodog Points will be refunded.

In some games, you may see a line like this:

Vikings PK
Saints PK

This means the game is a "pick" - that is, the teams are so closely matched that no point spread is required. In the example above, if you select the Vikings to win and they do - you win. If they lose - you lose.

How Scoring Works

All games will be settled on 60 minutes of play plus overtime, if required.

Scores will be graded approximately one hour after the game ends.

Scoring is simple. You are required to select a risk amount from a drop down menu on each game you choose to play. If your selection wins (against the spread), the equivalent amount of your risk and your original risk amount will be added to your bankroll.

For example - you play five games and risk 100 Points on each game. That means you have 500 Points "at risk." Your bankroll is displayed on the page and will reflect how much you have at risk - in this example, it will show that you have 500 Points remaining.

Let's assume you win all your picks - this means you win the 500 plus you still get back the 500 you originally risked. So 1000 Points will be added back to your bankroll - which now sits at 1500.

If your team loses (against the spread), you lose the amount risked and your bankroll is adjusted accordingly.

Due to the timing of game grading (about one hour after the game ends), it will be possible for players to risk higher amounts of their bankroll on the Sunday evening and Monday night games (if they won and increased their bankroll during the Sunday afternoon games). This is perfectly legal for the Bankroll contest - but manage your bankroll carefully.

Determining Winners

Each week, the players with the largest bankrolls (according to the payout grid below) will, subject to verification, win a prize. Each contest shall run in lockstep with the NFL schedule (see below) for 16 weeks.

In the event that two or more players are tied in any contest period the total prize amounts will be combined and divided evenly amongst the tied players.

Incomplete Games and "off the board" games

Should any football game be deemed incomplete by the league, that game will be removed from the schedule and funds will be reverted back to the Players' bankroll.

In some cases, due to injuries to key players or other factors, the Point Spread for certain games is delayed. Those games will be displayed as "off the board" or "no line" and players cannot select them for play at that time . Players wishing to play this game should return later in the week as the spread is usually posted later in the week.


Prizes will be awarded as outlined below, subject to the Player satisfying all necessary verification requirements. Specifically, contestants who open an account with the sponsor before the final day of the contest and play at least a single $20 game are eligible for the full prize. Contestants who do not have an account with the sponsor and/or have not made a deposit during the contest period will be eligible for one-quarter of the stated prize. Example: a $100 winner would collect $100 if he met the criteria and $25 if he did not. The contest remains free to play. *See payout detail and asterisk below and sign up now.

Contest prizes each month ($1,000 as follows):

3rd: $75$18.75

In the event that there are fewer participants than available prizes, prizes will be awarded in accordance to the total number of players. Unclaimed prizes will not be combined and re-distributed amongst the participants.

Contacting Potential Winners

Potential winners (players who finish "in the money") will be contacted via email within 3 business days with information on how to collect their prize. DO NOT CONTACT THE SPONSOR FOR ANY REASON - WE WILL HANDLE THE PRIZING AND DEAL WITH THE SPONSOR TO ENSURE PRIZING IS AWARDED APPROPRIATELY.

All players are responsible for insuring that all mailing and email information is current and accurate.