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How to Play Odds Shark Bankroll Game

Here's the challenge - we'll give you $1,000 in play money and a slate of football games and see how much of the pool of $1,000 in real money you can win!

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The $1,000 is contest dollars and we call them 'points' but you take the dough and your handicapping skills and try to win as many games as possible. If you can pick NFL winners, you can pick up a share of $1,000 in REAL cash prizes each month.

The Football Bankroll Contest, sponsored by Top Bet, is a bankroll-style Pick-em game. You win or lose points in your Bankroll based on your game selections and how much you have risked on each game. Here's how it works:

  • Contestants start each period with 1,000 Points.
  • Contestants make picks and risk some of those points against the point spread on any of that week's NFL games.
  • Contestants select risk amounts from a dropdown menu in the gameplay interface.
  • Contestants MUST select at least three (3) games per week in order to be eligible for prizes.
  • Contestants MUST complete the tiebreaker section each week:
    The Tiebreaker consists of choosing an over-under value or "Total" (total combined score of both teams) for each week’s Monday Night game.
  • Contestants who make zero picks and remain with 1,000 points at the end of the contest do NOT qualify for prizes, even if their 1,000 points ranks higher than other competitors. No standing on the sidelines!

*Eligibility for full prizes depends on checking out the sponsor site, SEE FULL RULES HERE. Visit Top Bet, learn about their generous bonuses of up to $250, tons of fantasy football style player props and much more as a thank-you for making this free contest available for everyone.Points are won or lost according to making correct picks (see the Official Rules for scoring details).

Players with the biggest Bankrolls at the end of the contest win prizes (see the Official Rules for prize breakdowns, as there are five contests during the season).

After the conclusion of each 4-week contest, all player Point Balances revert back to 1,000 and the process starts over. NOTE: There is also a Week 1 contest in 2012.

There's no limit to the amount of times you can win and you can enter at any time during the season. Sign up now and start picking! And don't forget to check out the sponsor's special offers for visitors.